Sweet Relief For The Modern Condition

What are SUNN Remedies?

Sunn Remedies are therapeutic-grade botanical honey blends crafted to support the inherent healing wisdom of our bodies. Inspired by ancient traditions, we combine potent plant and mushroom extracts with raw honey to create a delicious wellness ally.

Why did we start SUNN?

SUNN was born from a long-standing and unwavering desire to create simple, effective, and delicious bee-based products that help people achieve better health. The wellness industry is overwhelmed by countless products and promises, and we wanted to cut through the jargon and get back to our roots. Our honey remedies are just the beginning. We have a wide range of wellness products in the works that we’re beyond excited to share. 

Protecting Pollinators

Our highest purpose to protect our precious pollinators. Without bees and other pollinator species, life on Earth ceases as we know it. The brand is a platform for regenerative finance and building awareness globally about the multi-dimensional and time-sensitive challenge of rebuilding healthy, flourishing pollinator populations.