Sweet Relief for the
Modern Condition

High-Potency Honey Remedies

Sunn Honey Remedies are therapeutic-grade botanical honey blends crafted to support the inherent healing wisdom of our bodies. Inspired by ancient traditions, we combine potent plant and mushroom extracts with raw honey to create a delicious wellness ally.

A Delicious Daily Wellness Ritual

Sunn Remedies can be enjoyed by the spoonful, mixed with hot water as tea, or incorporated into your favorite culinary creations.


All of our unique formulas use raw, ethically-harvested honey as a base. Honey is Nature's most powerful superfood, and when blended with functional herbs and mushrooms they work synergistically to maximize efficacy.

The Finest Botanical Extracts

The botanical extracts used in every jar of Sunn Remedies are made in our certified lab in Oregon. We use the highest quality organic and wildcrafted herbs and mushrooms, resulting in the most flavorful, high-potency formulas available.

Protecting Pollinators

A portion of every purchase is donated to our Pollinator Fund and allocated toward monetary grants awarded to organizations doing extraordinary things to save our precious pollinators.